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TruLife Optics was founded to introduce groundbreaking holographic optical technology for head-up display and augmented reality devices.

The company’s patented technology, developed in partnership with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory is used to project high resolution, full colour images and video into the human eye through ultra-thin optics that can be incorporated into wearable augmented reality devices.

Welcome to the team

TruLife Optics has a management team with decades of experience in creating cutting edge holographic solutions for a wide range of industries that is now bringing that expertise to the augmented reality sector.  

The company is committed to working with anyone who is developing wearable augmented reality devices, no matter where they are based. The company’s head office and manufacturing facilities are in the UK and the team welcomes any questions you may have about the company’s technology.  

TruLife Optics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colour Holographic Ltd.

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Jonathan Lewis

Chief Executive

Jonathan started his career as a technology analyst, which culminated in him heading up the pan-European mobile telecommunications research team at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. During this time he had gained a strong understanding of how organisations use technology to grow and how new companies and products develop. 

In 2002, he was introduced to Colour Holographic and helped them find funding. Four years later, attracted by their unique technologies and world leading holographic skills, he formally joined the company as CEO. He retains the same role at TruLife Optics and is a passionate advocate of the potential of augmented reality to have a positive impact on the lives of consumers and businesses.

Mike Medora

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Mike began his holography career in 1982 at a London-based company that produced monochrome silver halide holograms. Determined to create high quality full colour holograms, rather than the single colour variety being produced at the time, he worked with various holographic firms and then his own company, before founding Colour Holographic with Nigel Robiette in 1998.

Mike is TruLife Optic’s chief holographer and is focused on continually developing our technology to further blur the boundaries between the real and the unreal.

Nigel Robiette

Head of Display & Co-Founder

Nigel started working life in animation, live-action and optical effects camerawork for the film industry and produced several short films of his own. 

He took up holography in 1980 and produced the first hologram LP sleeve for the band UB40 just two years later. A pioneer of using holographic foils in packaging and print, he later extended the techniques to fabrics and T-shirts. Nigel founded Colour Holographic with Michael Medora in 1998 and his focus is bringing greater realism to our holograms, using clever lighting and display techniques. His unique skills and experience will now be brought to bear on supporting TruLife Optic’s in its ambition to become a global player in the augmented reality industry. 

About the National Physical Laboratory

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the United Kingdom's national standards laboratory, an internationally respected and independent centre of excellence in research, development and knowledge transfer in measurement and materials science. Annually, it delivers over £75M of research and knowledge transfer programmes. Its resources include over 600 technical and scientific experts, spanning a wide range of disciplines; 36,000m² of laboratories and many unique facilities.


Find out all the latest news and product updates on our blog.

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Media Centre

Welcome to the TruLife Optics media centre. You will find high resolution pictures of the management team, press releases and press links below. 

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Hopefully we have provided answers to every question about TruLife Optics and its technologies here. If you have a question we haven't thought of, then do get in touch with us directly! 

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